Anima & Animus

By Fadi Abu Deeb

(First published in Inventory Journal, No. 9, Princeton University)


She said:
If the suns revolve around the planets
Resplendence explodes in the houses
And the roaming-minded will play with the particles of light,
That also swing playfully,
Among the locks of my shining hair,
That elude the countless strings
Of the spectrum of light.
In the yard of our house,
There pass liquid comets
Disguised behind masks of water.
The walls stretch like fields of wheat reaching to the horizon
And the geometry returns/
To the compass of the philosopher
He said:
Every day, Jupiter wanders
In front of my window
On the other bank,
Of the invisible galactic river
His blissful face tells me
That the galaxy is my habitat
And that in the void, there are
caring kindred minds
Flowing, luminously, inside my head,
in the darkness that shines with quasi-dark
Opening in front of me
the way of the deep-white horizon,
that stretches into the un-empty void


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