I, the Blissful Storm

By Fadi Abu Deeb


The branches of the fig tree starts to break

They are smashed by aerial quakes

I run with my full strength along our dark lane/

With its open ending toward a huge grey moon,

while my mind tries to guess the relation between the flow of the air and the fragrance of the dream

Then, I fly

I  just fly

In the open space…


I enter

I close the door

Its collision with the threshold has the delicious sound of the silent safety

In the upper chamber,

The flying floating one,

The remote,

that distances itself,

You’re smiling as I ever knew you

O daughter of unerasable youth!

This time, you don’t shy away of your small almost-apparent breast


Do I need to ask you what does it signal to?

You say it’s the sun of your inner orbits

Then, I am quenched

As a sun travelling to a new distant galaxy


With a pure,


Marian face

//unbeknownst yet to the iconic worlds//


You bring me the good news,

that the power of the Most High will overshadow me,

And that the born within me will be the one who walks/

on the edge of our nocturnal valley.

On the edges of our empty village he stands.


The immanent  within all of the elements emerges and blows

And I myself become a blissful storm


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