Myths of Future Grandmas

By Fadi Abou Dib

(Originally written in Arabic, on the 7th of October, 2014)


After a century or a millennium

/no difference/

At the threshold of another humanity

Grandmothers will tell their grandchildren

That one day the desert was inhabited

By fighting creatures

Who multiplied faster than rats

And worshiped a god

/to whom they attributed the name of Allah/

they said he was in heaven

Quarrelsome more than a ten-year-old kid,

He hated women and then adored

Spending his eternity pondering on them

The grandmothers will recall…

How all civilizations knelt before those creatures

How humanity fell

How science and honor failed/

Before the rotten smell of their oil

And how the colors committed suicide

In front of the god of the sands…

Before the heavenly curses were poured on everyone

And the children will never belief the myths of their grandmas…


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