The Transients

By Fadi Abu Deeb


We were born in a time of transition, at the gates of an era which our parents could not expect its character and sign.  They taught us to build on the foundations of another era.  Then we went to after its academy had been changed and after the masters had abandoned it.  Thus, we could not be discipled.  Instead, we started to wander through the markets, and wonder!

Our hands were ready and skilled, only if it was not for professions who disappeared in the near past.  It is not our hands’ fault if they remained empty, emulating the tools of yesterday and play in the air so that the passersby thought they were performing meaningless and empty acrobatics. 

We were good workers and skillful laborers, but our shops had been destroyed before we could even enter them.

We are the generation of transition.  We are the transients!


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