Sailing The Blank Void

By Fadi Abu Deeb


Sometimes, I am drenched by memories.  No, wait! 

They are not ordinary memories.  They are something harder and more intricate. 

They are a plethora of flashes of feelings, as if I am about to be swept by a blind river. 

I am holding very tight to a shaking branch, but still not safe.  Vulnerable, susceptible to countable fragments of images and sub-images invading my hardly-balanced aura.

I live on a boat without oars, and sailing on the face of light through the blank void.

Will I be left behind by the whole humankind while it is approaching equilibrium?

Am I a shadow of my real self, abandoned it somewhere and lost the way back?  But this shadow has a life of its own.  It has responsibilities and commitments, exactly like that abandoned soul.

So, how is it to be very real in two places?


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