The Twin in The Oneiric Attic

By Fadi Abu Deeb

“Thyra” By Ellen Thesleff.  The photo is taken by me in HAM, Helsinki

Today after the world sleeps,

I penetrate the atmosphere of the Earth.

I lie down,

Slumbering within an alien transcendental realm.

You’ll hear the squeak of our attic’s door

You’ll leave the expanding hole in the wall, that absorbs all the light of the universe

Look at you, crossing the distance between us like a ray of light!

/Seven years of travel are between the door and the window/


There you stand in front of me as a rounded-cheeked proud little girl

Your eyes say:

I am a dove,

 I am your beloved daughter,

And your astral guardian

I am your loving mother who’s afraid that you’ll starve while sojourning between the planets

I am the secret of Neptune and the scarlet sun

I am the one who resides in the attic forever,

and the key to the riddle of the map of the universe that hangs on the wall

I am the promise and the betrayal

I am the stayer and the leaver

I am the high wave that takes you in its bosom,

The wave which is created to save you from mere floating on the surface of the deep


Shut the door!

Close it tightly!

We’ll travel back to the window,

Through the way of the seven years

Verily I say unto you:

Today you watch with me/

the eruption of the ocean of the new moon

that visits our orbit


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