The Turki-Jihadi Offensive Against Syria

By Fadi Abu Deeb

Bildresultat för turkish offensive in syria
From CNN

A new development took place today after the Turkish offensive became close to occupying the first major town in the north of Syria, Ras Al-Ein, after intense fighting between the attacking forces and the allied forces that have been defending the town, led by Kurdish forces.

But the reality that hardly anyone is talking about now, hidden under generic terms and confusing labels, is that the real fighting forces attacking the whole north and north east region of Syria constitute of the same Jihadi fighters and mercenaries that have been fighting in many places around Syria for the last 8 years.

Having been gathered in the province of Idlib, in the north west of Syria, bordering Turkey, many of these groups where withdrawn from Idlib by Turkey, transferred through the Turkish territories, to fight across the borders again, in the north and north east territories of Syria, that is in turn occupied by the Kurdish-led alliance.

Turkey, headed by the arch-Jihadi Recep Teyep Erdogan, the faithful disciple of the Afghan Jihadi Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, has been supporting the Jihadi mercenary movement in Syria since at least 2012 with everything imagined.  This support is nothing but a part of the Turkish continuous will to regain large parts of Syria that had successfully attained their independence from the Ottoman occupation that lasted for 400 years.

Bildresultat för Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and erdogan
From AnadoluTurkHaber

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