The Syrian Army is Heading North to Encounter the Turki-Jihadi Invasion

By Fadi Abu Deeb

Bildresultat för ‫الجيش العربي السوري يتوجه نحو منبج‬‎
The photo source

Update: The American air forces is striking the moving Syrian Army.

The events are accelerating, and it seems that no one among us -ordinary people and observers- will understand what is really happening before a few days at least.

The Kurdish de facto administration of north and north east of Syria has just announced that it had a deal with the Syrian Army, whereby the latter will head toward the north and north east of Syria to spread its troops along the borders with Turkey, coming thereby face to face with the Turki-Jihadi forces that invaded Syria from the north a couple of days ago.

Will the Syrian Army fight the Turks, or the latter will just withdraw as a part of a secret plan with the former?  This is something we will discover in the coming hours.

But if the Turks were implementing a plan with the Syrian authorities to prevent the Kurds from achieving their dream of a self-governed region in the north and north east of Syria, are the Jihadi fighters that accompany the Turkish forces a part of that supposed plan?

Over against this view, will we discover that the whole Turkish offensive was a trap prepared well by the Americans and the Russians who seemed to be not very much opposed to the Turkish offensive?  Will it be like the trap that the Americans pushed Saddam Hussein into in 1990 when they encouraged him, in some way, to attack and occupy Kuwait, before his very (deceptive) friends led a coalition against him?

However, the Turkish-backed media and propaganda machines seem very serious in supporting the invasion as something very crucial and decisive to Turkey, and the Turkish-Jihadist invading forces are fighting hard to occupy villages, cities and strategic points, and until this moment they keep proceeding even after the Syrian Army started to move northward.

The few next hours will carry the answer to us!


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