Poem IV [I descend into the Jordan Valley]

By Fadi Abu Deeb

(Published originally in Inventory No.8, Princeton University)

 وادي الموجب

I descend into the Jordan Valley

and my heart is calm

I move toward the Jehovan desert

that forcefully slips out of the binds of eons

I remember the cold, shallow water among the red Martian cavities

I know

I shall discover the subterranean tunnels that lead to the moon

I deepen my journey toward the legendary palms

Haunted by the night shadows of our sacred tribe

with the flames of elderly tales

My heart is calm

I enjoy the desolation

I know

that after ten thousand years I’ll be back

in a house lurking among the ghosts of figs and olives

All will be waiting for me at the supper table

by the broad window I have always loved

a window that overlooks a psychic sea of resplendent gold

opening to countless willows, under which mighty storms rush and blow

// Let he who has the secret

know how water and air coexist

Without confusion

With no separation

Without blending

With no division //

Over there,

We’ll sit together

at the throne of the Son of Man

upon the Mount of Assembly


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