Will Erdogan Create a de-facto Jihadi State in the North of Syria?

By Fadi Abu Deeb

Photo source

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It has been only a few days since the arch-Jihadi president, Recep Teyep Erdogan, launched his offensive against the north of Syria.  A couple of days later, the Kurds, under Russian supervision, signed  with the Syrian authorities a preliminary agreement that allowed the Syrian Army to be sent to the east of Euphrates, i.e., to the north and north east of Syria, to spread along the borders with Turkey, or, more accurately, to deploy troops in certain points and strategic positions along the long borders with Turkey.
However, it seems from the events that have been taken place, and the statements that have been issued, since then, that the agreement is still vague from a practical point of view, and the feasibility of the points of the deal is still beyond prediction.  The Turks do not seem to be a part of the agreement, and no one, apart from the parties of this agreement, seems to know where exactly the Syrian Army is going to send its troops and how much time it takes for this decision to be implemented.

On the other side, The Turkish arch-Jihadi president, Erdogan, insists and persists to continue what he has started.  He announced that the ‘safe zone’ he intended to create inside the Syrian territories is determined to be 444 km in length, along the borders, and 32 km in depth.  Erdogan went further to declare that he would transfer the majority of the Syrian refugees in Turkey to this region.  In other words, Erdogan wants to create a mini de-facto-state  in the north Syria (just as the other de-facto-state of Idlib in the north west), which consists, in fact, of the transferred crowd of people, most of whom belong to other cities in Syria, and a big percentage of those are trained and professional Jihadi fighters who definitely believe in some type of Islamic religious state, which would be, from a practical point of view, a constant exporter of Jihadists, mainly to the other regions of Syria.

The Turkish government who claimed that the Kurdish self-proclaimed administration in the north and north east of Syria was led by terrorists, was, just few years ago, watching ISIS terrorists attack the Syrian bordering towns and cities back and forth, very close to the Turkish soldiers, without a word about the danger of terrorists near the Turkish borders borders.  This proves once again- if we forget for a moment that Turkey was the main hub for the dozens of thousands of Jihadists who came to Syria from all around the world- that Turkey of today is a Jihadi state, despite the fact the it implements its Jihadism in a very cunning and deceiving way.  And it won’t be very strange if this Jihadi state wants to create a self-same baby-state on its southern borders.



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