Days of Illness I

By Fadi Abu Deeb

It’s been three days since I fell ill. Apparently it is something related to stress, overthinking and accumulation of conscious and unconscious questions. The doctors say it’s not something related to the heart, but to the nerval and digestive systems, and that I need to relax and stop caffeine.

Now, I’m watching the rain and wind outside my window, pretending that I’m empty of deep thoughts and wandering /wondering questions.

Yes, it’s clear that I need to change my life system and stop doing many things. I’m not in my twenties any more. Even this website, I’ve been working on it for 14 days non-stop.

I have to rest, take deep breaths, drink herbs, read light things, listen to a lot of calming music, and try not to think deeply.

I’ll keep writing here, but only short thoughts.

I hope this will end soon


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