My Everlasting Companion

By Fadi Abu Deeb

Um Qays
Um Qays- North West of Jordan

For a thousand years I sat in front of her

She promised me…to hold Mass for me\

When the dusk comes upon us.

With a gesture…

With her trembling bare feet caressing the air…

With a neck resisting a lusty stare…

\Surrendering its ecstasy to the desire of cuddling\

She whispered that immortals are destined to wait

Her white dress…

The flowers enclosing her wrist…

Her gazes at the kingdom of fire and twilight\

Are all signs of that which pervades the atmosphere.


In the midst of the crowds we wait

We never memorized our names

Never climbed up to the roofs of the city

But the promise is kneaded\

With ten thousands kisses and a thousand hymns

  • Who are you, my Lady?

“I am your companion from time immemorial”

  • Who are you, Gentleman?

“I am who sits on the right hand of God, in your presence”


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