The Turkish Invasion: A Mission to Save ISIS

By Fadi Abu Deeb

Turkey with ISIS
 “A Turkish soldier ‘visiting’ an ISIS anti-aircraft unit at Kobani [Ayn Arab, North of Syria]”   .Source: Oliver North’s page on Twitter

There has been a lot of talk recently about the fighters and affiliates of ISIS in the Kurdish prisons in the North of Syria.  Some reported that several hundreds of these fighters and affiliates have already escaped their prison.  Another report I read somewhere today morning (I will try to find it again) says that others reached, indeed, the occupied city of Tel Abyad and they live freely now there under the Turki-Jihadi occupation forces.

If this is true then it means that we were right when we wrote a few days ago that one of the objectives of the Turki-Jihadi offensive in Syria is to create a de facto Jihadi state in the North, wherein multitudes of Jihadi fighters (and perhaps international terrorists) will be gathered under Turkish supervision and control, thereby constituting a Turkish proxy state like the one in the North of Cyprus.
However, this must not be considered as something strange or unachievable.  The arch-Jihadi president of Turkey, Recep Teyep Erdogan, is a real Jihadist as indicated before.  A few days ago, a video showed (something that I would never attach on my website) Turkish soldiers (not Syrian allies fighting with them) beheading two Kurdish fighters.  One of the soldiers was speaking in Turkish to the camera, apparently threatening his enemies with similar fate.  Turkey, who facilitated the transportation of tens of thousands of Jihadists into Syria and out of it, and armed other hundreds of groups, will not, I suppose, let her cronies and proxies stay in prisons or get killed.  She will, no doubt, try her best to protect them to use them later against Syria, Europe, United States and Russia.


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