The Current and Coming Dictatorship of Machine

By Fadi Abu Deeb


After having a very good and calm night, I woke up this morning to hear some bad news.  The intelligence department of the worldwide data base of identities and activities (Facebook) informed me that one of my posts, dating back to almost two months ago, was against their “community standards” (if any one knows what that is, and when we started to constitute a community there!).

The post which did not exceed two lines, was praising a speech by someone who was not liked by the American administration and its proxy states-corporations of Israel and other oil states in the world.  I just said that that speech was a good lesson in logic and practical thought or so.

This is not the issue though.  We can always differ in opinions and preferences.  I may not like what other people like, so do other people.  My friends and I have different opinions about many things, ranging from politics and religious views to music, movies, literature and food.  And that’s wonderful by the way.

Nevertheless, the rulers of this world and their cronies (some states, and corporations) don’t like this fact.  Diversity hurts them because it is dangerous to their fly-open markets, continuous oppressive consumption policies, and constant endeavor to control everything.
On the other hand, the “community standards” of FB, Twitter, and other social media, which are financed and sponsored by the rulers of this world, are just a specimen or sample of what an unified standard of any future global system may look like, especially that they are controlled by senseless AI systems that are creeping faster and faster to control the most important and pervading industries in the current and near-future world.

The AI now decides if something we write is suitable or not.  The AI decides today what the best for a company is, because AI is what “imagines” the best optimization of the work.  Whether for salaries, number of working hours and number of workers, or for the efficiency of certain way of work and if it is better for the company to continue with a certain product or not, the AI has started to take the initiative to decide.  Although this may guarantee a great accuracy in work, however, this reduces more and more the humanity of the human being.
Tomorrow, I may approach my boss and ask him about or for something, and he will tell me: I’m sorry, the machine says so!  They are already doing that in many places, without using the word “machine” explicitly.


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