When the Kurdish Militias Stole the Syrian Strategic Crops

By Fadi Abu Deeb

When the Turkه-Jihadi troops, under the leadership of the arch-Jihadi Recep Teyep Erdogan, invaded the North of Syria, almost all of the world raged for this outrageous action.  It is true to say that Turkey made a big mistake, or to be more accurate, a big crime, to invade the territories of a neighboring state, kill people, take their cities and use destructive and scorching weaponry against them.  The Turkish authorities justified this offensive using the pretext of expelling the militias of the Kurdish self-proclaimed administration in the east of Euphrates.  The Kurds has been leading an alliance of several militias and military groups, under the name of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and fought ISIS under the American command.

However, the world forgot, or indeed did not care, that this SDF militia was stealing high-handedly 30% of Syrian territory, to form the so called “Rojava” region, a name that does not exist on any map in the world, excluding of course the maps of the Kurdish nationalists, despite the fact that the Syrian Kurdish citizens do not even live throughout all this area!  The problem does not stop here.  It is not a matter of nationalistic quarrel.  But the Kurdish militias were stealing, in fact, the strategic corps that maintained and sustained the life of the Syrian people for decades and centuries, i.e., wheat, barley and cotton, among other crops, in addition to the oil and gas wells that have been sold to foreigners till this very moment.
Many people and political bodies in the world, especially in Europe, are announcing now their support to “Kurdistan” or “Rojava”, forgetting or perhaps ignoring that these are two imaginary political entities.  The Syrian people have been suffering cold winters and eating the worst kinds of bread made of imported wheat, just because the Kurdish-led militias as well as ISIS were occupying the strategic agricultural area of Syria with its crops and food resources, in addition to the many large oil and gas wells.
It is sad that the world did not care for hungry Syrians but cared for the national dreams of a party or a group of politicians who were part of the Syrian people and nothing more than that.  No self-administration or local government in the whole world is allowed, by the central government, to take hold of strategic crops that sustain the life of the whole nation.  The Kurdish authorities  in the north and the north east of Syria have not been behaving even as a self-proclaimed administration but as an independent state that has its own international relations and does not care in the least to the other parts of the Syrian people, taking from them mercilessly their food and sources of warmth and life.


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