Becoming a Cat-Man from Scandinavia                  

By Fadi Abu Deeb


In a hypnagogic evening,

I was abducted into the absentmindedness of a cat.

I stared at the orange moon,

Abandoned in the prolonged space,

Planted with shadows and friendly ghosts,

That would save me from the Absurd of the dreadful lucidity.

I saw the forest as an ocean of hills and hiding places

I hasted to chase my reveries,

Among its ever-emerging paths,

That emitted subaqueous images of ancient hunters.

In the dusk I returned home,

Oh, that sweet stretching chamber!

What an orchard of crowded glittering furniture,

As if germinating continuously from the shop of an invisible artisan!

Wondering how all the terrains of a planet can be present in one room,

I invaded the wooden realm every midnight,

Conquering an everlasting land of virgin enchantments.


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