Is Turkey Preparing for a War in Syria?

By Fadi Abu Deeb


Early this week, the Syrian Army, who is advancing in the Syrian province of Idlib, attacked  a military base of the invading Turkish forces around the military airport of Taftanaz killing around 5 Turkish soldiers.  According to AlJazeera website, “Syrian government attacks have killed 13 Turkish soldiers in Idlib this month.” (Source)  Since then, the Turkish terrorist president Recep Tayip Erdogan and his government officials have been grumping and whimpering about a great retaliation against Syria and the Syrian Army who is trying to recapture the Syrian territories from the Turkish-backed Islamic militias led by AlQaeda.

Recently, the American special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey has started a visit to Turkey to give support to the neo-Ottoman government of Erdogan, according to the Arabic website of the Qatari channel, Aljazeera, which, in the last few years, has been serving as a mouthpiece to the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan.

Turkey has been deploying hundreds of military convoys and around 1500 military vehicles with thousands of Turkish soldiers to the province of Idlib in the last few weeks, giving a clear evidence that what Turkey is trying to do in the north and north-west of Syria is nothing less than a de-facto proxy state for the Islamic militias, being in the same time a part and parcel of the Turkish realm.  According to the media, Erdogan is expected to declare on Wednesday (today, February 12th, 2020) what steps Turkey are going to take to respond to the Russian-backed Syrian military offensive in Idlib.

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