Turkey provides AlQaeda in Syria with Turkish Military Uniforms and Armaments

By Fadi Abu Deeb


It is clear now that Turkey provides AlQaeda in Syria with Turkish military uniforms and armaments.  A few days ago Russia accused Turkey of providing AlQaeda groups in Idlib province of Syria with military equipment as well as the uniforms of the Turkish Army soldiers (Source).
But this is not surprising at all.  Only the blind could not see that Turkey, under the rule of the Arch-Jihadi Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been actually supporting Jihadist movements in Syria since 2011, transferring ten of thousands of terrorists, especially from Turkic central Asia and the East of the China, into Syria.
Idlib today is full of tens of thousands of Jihadist settlers, many of them moved to Syria with their families.  All this has been taking place under the eyes, and with support of, Erdoganian military intelligence and underground aids from his government.

Erdogan has been trying to build de facto proxy states as buffer zones between Turkish territories, which has been largely transformed during the last two decades into a huge farm owned by him and his party,  and the Syrian territories that are still under the control of the Syrian state.

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