No Family Deserves to Lose its Children in War

By Fadi Abu Deeb

I am Syrian. I support the Syrian Army. I have just watched a video about a Turkish family receiving the tragic news of the death of its son, fighting in Syria as a soldier in the Turkish army.


No family deserves to lose its children in war. Peace is a right for every human being in this world.  I wish peace to everyone in all countries of this planet.  

I wish also that the Turkish regime, headed by Erdogan with his imperial ambitions, minds its business and withdraws its forces from Syria and persuades the Islamic militias in northern Syria to stop the war and make peace.  Peace is powerful and attracts people to live together no matter how many tragedies they witnessed and experienced, provided by it is built on justice and good intentions

If the Syrian state defeats her enemies, I wish she will be merciful and most importantly rational, and give people the right for a good and dignified life so that they will not be prompted to use violence in the future.


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