Will Erdogan Stop Before He Destroys Himself in Syria?

By Fadi Abu Deeb



Update (27/2/2020): 3 Turkish soldiers are killed in Idlib.

Update: The Turkish Defense Ministry says that an air strike on Idlib killed two Turkish soldiers and injured a few others.

Update: Russian Su-24 participate in destroying the Turkish-Jihadist attack in Idlib. (Source)

Update: The Turkish tanks are burning right now outside Al-Nayrab town in Idlib.  And the Syrian and Russian air forces are striking the invading troops.


Will Erdogan stop shouting and whimpering before his military units are destroyed in Syria? On a larger scale, will he stop before Russia destroys him politically?
Erdogan spent the last few days threatening Syria (and implicitly Russia) of the new war that he wanted to start at the end of February, after the grand failure of his Islamic militias in Syria, losing large parts of their last resorts in Syria, in the province of Idlib and the Western and Northern parts of the province of Aleppo.
Whether Erdogan expects this or not, the Turkish Army will experience miserable days and fatal strikes in Syria in case of any major offensive there, i.e., an amplified  image of what it is experiencing right now everywhere in Idlib and Aleppo, let alone its fatal encounter with the Russian forces in the air and on the ground.  Russia who helped Syria regain its territory in Idlib and Aleppo will not stay still, watching the Erdoganian forces wandering and roaming freely inside the Syrian borders, leading a real war.


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