Dozens of Turkish Soldiers Were Killed in a Syrian Airstrike

By Fadi Abu Deeb

A few days ago, we asked: “Will Erdogan Stop Before He Destroy Himself in Syria?”  And today seems to give us an initial, though powerful, answer on that question: No!  For dozens of Turkish soldiers were killed today after a big Syrian airstrike on a Turkish convoy in the south of Idlib.
Reports said that dozens of ambulances with 4 Turkish helicopters entered Idlib to withdraw the bodies of the dead soldiers and to transfer the other injured ones, while pictures that show the Turkish authorities surrounding a hospital in Hatay province were leaked on social media to indicate a confusing situation there.

It is true that no family deserves to lose its children in war, but Erdogan insists to make the Turkish poor families pay the price while he is destroying himself in Syria.  It won’t be strange anyway to see him involving his nation in a destructive war with Russia, not just in Syria, but even inside the Turkish borders.


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