A Friendly Letter to Turkey and Its Citizens

By Fadi Abu Deeb

Dear brothers and sisters in Turkey,

I have been watching the accelerating escalation in my country, Syria, during the last few weeks.  From the beginning it was clear that president Recep Tayyip Erdogan was going to involve Turkey in a war in Syria.  I knew that Erdogan would do it, not because he wanted to save the Syrian people, but because he wanted to play a game he had been dreaming of since the beginning of his rule, a couple of decades ago- The rule of the new Sultan of the Islamic world, or at least the Middle East and the North of Africa.

It is true that the situation in Syria is tragic.  It is true that hundreds of thousands are escaping from the war in Idlib now.  But it is also true that protecting refugees can NEVER be through being involved in a new war around them and above their heads, let alone killing hundreds of Turkish soldiers, most of them have nothing to do with going to other people’s lands and die in a tragic way like what happened yesterday.

We differ, and perhaps we do not like each other.  But we cannot continue to kill each others and to cause misery for thousands of families.  I can NEVER be happy when I see a Turkish mother and father crying for their dead children in Syria, even if the dead soldier is my enemy.

Sadness is a universal language, just like music, and we all know it and understand it.

I ask you to tell your government to stop the war.  Yes, we differ from each other, and perhaps we do not like each other, but we don’t have to kill each other.

Greetings from a brother whom you may not love.


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