In Her Glass Room

By Fadi Abu Deeb


In her glass room
Carved in the air
Rent from the fairies of the valley,
She hangs angst on the doorhook
busying it with guarding the passage and the corridors of time.
She lends the near star half of her long black river so it doesn’t groan
so it obstructs the jealousy of the planets,
extinguishes the lust of the void
and keeps the eyes of the thieves of space busy.
She peeks at the village,
and at her lover captivated in cities she hears of.
She eavesdrops on the angels
exchanging in their spare time anecdotes of the Kingdom,
Receives news about the markets behind the sun
and becomes jealous of their long canopies which sink in light and joy,
Laughs at an idea that passes through her mind
that her beloved used to kiss only the corner of her lips.
He feared to be captivated for good
Before his destined captivation.

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