The Seller of Curiosities

By Fadi Abu-Deeb

أمّ الرصاص- الأردن
Um Al-Rasas- Jordan

I stand
At the corners of the dusty roads
Selling to the passers-by in the wilderness,
Their victual of olives and olive oil

When nobody comes by,
I expel boredom,
searching for a way to mix the nectar of olives with clouds
blending the taste with images
And Impressing the trace of the delicious sun
On those fingertips
Immersed into bygone ages

Today, she came to me
and asked about what I had
I said I was selling olive oil,
mixed with storms
And olive fruits,
Haunted with the splashes of high billows,
That cloaked the sunset of the town.
I said I had one pinecone
tasted like rain
Whose seeds reminded of old days

With a desperate love she smiled:
“You are still mad…
Like when I knew you…
Thousands of years ago!”


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