The Moon Nomad

By Fadi Abu-Deeb

Nocturnal Landscape, by Francois-Louis Schmied

At night, I dash outside the city
To surrender my body to the hungry wolves,
Among the trunks of the oaks.

I escape from the good people,
So they don’t rescue me and keep me too dense,
not resembling the stars.

Then I wash my wounds in the floods
That roar secretly since the last winter,
Among the rosy rocks.

I drift away from River Jordan
To not be baptized in the waters
that lie under the tyranny of the beholding eyes

Instead, I delve into the deserts of the moon
Taking glimpses of those caves,
Named after the galaxies,
Bathed in the ashen lights of the virgin worlds
There, I listen to the enrapturing bells,
I play melodies that sound like many waters,
Stealing shadows and perfumes,
From the stones and the sands,
And from the fire that will discover me.


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