Are Western Media Trying to Separate the Readers from Reality?

By Fadi Abu-Deeb


War is an absolute disaster. From a personal point of view, I can never find an absolute moral justification for it, let alone when it has an offensive character that, more or less, targets civilians and civil infrastructure and natural resources of any kind.
Nevertheless, trying to connect any war to the very personal character of a certain leader is pathetic. It’s a sign of unwillingness to admit the existence of the other on the same level of rationality and mindfulness.
Visualizing the enemy as a mad or lunatic person means that you are unable to imagine that some real rational culture may attack you with a ‘good’ reason. It must always be a lunatic person, alone and lives in his world of phantasm!
Like in the Middle East, some Western media do this when they try to show that everything happens today in Ukraine is related exclusively to the personality of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. This is pathetic and it might, itself, borders on pathology. Clinically speaking, this is projection. If the media are not just using propaganda, it means there is an illness that impedes seeing the other realistically and study him/her logically.
Moreover, considering the foe or enemy not more than a lunatic or a person with a psychosis and so on can point out our unwillingness to regard him (in this case, Putin) as a legitimate competitor, hence the only way to deal with this person is only by isolation, killing or depicting him as a sort of dark mythological figure that one cannot take him for real. In other words, while accusing someone of being sunk in his or her phantasm and separated from reality, we are, in fact, encouraging our readers to use this person’s image as a ‘phantasmic’ figure and, thus, separating themselves from reality!

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